School Workshops and Tours

At a NAS Workshop your students learn from our talented NAS students, staff, and alumni. Workshops are offered in any of our core disciplines and can be booked as half, full or multi-day workshops. For half and full-day workshops, we have off the shelf packages available priced per student. For multi-day workshops, our bespoke offerings would be the perfect product for you.


Please note:

      • Bookings open in October of each year for the following calendar year. A minimum of two-months’ notice is required for workshop bookings.
      • All bookings can include a complimentary campus and gallery tour upon request.

Workshops Descriptions

Our off the shelf workshop packages will give your students a taste of tertiary study. Facilitated by experienced NAS Artist Educators, the workshops cover a range of topics, styles, and mediums. Please see some examples below. If you have another topic in mind, please let us know when you’re booking.


Expressive Drawing

In this workshop students will explore expressive Drawing techniques and increase their knowledge and understanding of the importance of medium, composition and form.  Students will be guided through approaches to observing still lives and develop their own expressive voice. Using various drawing mediums, students will be encouraged to experiment with colour, layer and mark making to develop expressive work.


The Built Environment

Working plein air on the NAS site, students will investigate the built environment focussing on perspective, architectural forms, and linear composition. Supported by experienced NAS Artist Educator, students will develop compositional techniques that capture the essence of the world around them using a variety of drawing mediums.


Hand building

Students will develop skills in using a range of hand building techniques to explore your ideas and create your own projects in clay. Move from pinch pots to vessels and coiling to sculptures, while learning a range of surface decoration techniques that create texture and colour, with tools and found materials. Completed artworks will be painted using underglaze and slip application.


Wheel throwing (Only available as a bespoke booking)

Students will experiment with techniques of forming clay objects on the wheel. Learn how to throw pots with a strong architectural form to create objects of simplicity and beauty. Explore the basic structures, movements, and techniques of wheel throwing. The workshop will offer discoveries and direction for developing projects in the students’ practice as well as developing their own technical skills and understanding of the medium.


Methods and Materials in Realism

Working from series of natural and domestic still life objects, students will be introduced to painting techniques and be guided through a series of structured exercises and demonstrations of methods and materials. Students will learn the fundamental skills of painting, including preparing supports, using coloured grounds, using tonal underpainting, setting the palette, mixing colours, handling paint and structuring paint in layers.


Composition and Colour

Students will explore methods of abstraction through painting. Working with colour theory and the elements of design, students will develop their own unique compositions inspired by the 20th century Modernists. Students will learn the fundamental skills of painting, including preparing supports, using coloured grounds, using tonal underpainting, setting the palette, mixing colours, handling paint and structuring paint in layers.


Techniques in the Darkroom – Camera Obscuras

Experiment with photography by taking photos with a camera obscura. Explore paper negatives and capturing images using the pinhole technique. Develop the images in the darkroom to view your magic images.


Long Exposure Photography – Drawing with Light

Explore drawing with light with long exposure photography. Create your own unique light installations using torches, glow sticks, fairy lights and more. Learn about long exposure and low light photography to capture your amazing work on camera.



Explore the medium of etching with a variety of tools and techniques. Learn to work with acid, hard ground, soft ground, chine-collé and other techniques, and acquire the skills to transfer your printing plates onto paper using a printing press. Students will explore the exciting range of results that are possible through the etching process as a single print or small series of artworks. Students will be encouraged to draw inspiration from the natural and sandstone features of the National Art School for their image making.


Experimental Printmaking

Students will begin by exploring individual ideas around the concept of ‘nature’ to inspire a series of experimental prints. The workshop will combine a range of printmaking processes such as monoprinting, and relief printing to enrich the student’s knowledge and scope of the printmaking studio. In an expressive and experimental manner, students will explore the potential mark making possibilities to develop their ideas and imagery using a playful and direct approach. Through a process of selection and refinement, students will create a small collection of original prints that record the process of experimentation, printed marks and micro compositions.


This workshop will introduce the student to a variety of construction techniques in cardboard. They will build skills and understanding in developing the human form as a maquette (small sculpture) in cardboard using a Cubist interpretation of the figure. Projects will also include looking at the figure in motion as well as how the techniques and understanding of the figure could be used in an installation. This workshop will help build their understanding of weight, proportion, scale, balance and form.


Workshop prices are listed below per student. All prices exclude GST.

Non-Government Schools

Discipline 2 Hours 3 Hours 5 Hours
Drawing $55 per student $65 per student $85 per student
Ceramics N/A $85 per student $110 per student
Painting N/A $85 per student $110 per student
Photomedia N/A N/A $110 per student
Printmaking N/A N/A $110 per student
Sculpture N/A $85 per student $110 per student

Government Schools

Discipline2 Hours3 Hours5 Hours
Drawing$40 per student$45 per student$65 per student
CeramicsN/A$65 per student$90 per student
PaintingN/A$65 per student$90 per student
PhotomediaN/AN/A$90 per student
PrintmakingN/AN/A$90 per student
SculptureN/A$65 per student$90 per student

The workshop fee covers:

      • One National Art School Lecturer
      • One Education Assistant (for major discipline workshops)
      • One Studio Technician
      • Studio hire
      • Materials
      • Administration


Workshops are available during school term depending on available studio space. Please see below which days disciplines are available.


Monday: Major Disciplines

Tuesday – Friday: Drawing


Booking confirmation will be sent to schools when they receive their invoice. Payment must be made for the workshop prior to arriving on campus.

Class Size

To ensure that students get the most out of our NAS workshops, class size is limited to a maximum of 18 students.

Campus and Gallery Tours

On a NAS campus and gallery tour your students will learn about the history of the Darlinghurst Gaol and campus. They will have the opportunity to observe artists and students in their studios and see exhibitions on view at the NAS Galleries. Education Kits are provided to allow teachers to align the exhibition visit with learning outcomes.


Please note: There is no cost to Schools to book a NAS campus and gallery tour.

Bespoke Workshops

Looking for a longer format workshop or have more than 18 students? Contact Cecilia Jackson, Education Coordinator ([email protected]) to discuss potential workshop options.

School Incursions

Would you prefer the NAS to come to you? We are happy to organise and incursion experience.


Incursions can include:

      • Workshops with NAS Artist Educators (Fee applies)
      • Career talks about the Arts Industry and studying at NAS
      • How to build a great portfolio session

Contact Cecilia Jackson, Education Coordinator ([email protected]) to organise a visit.