NAS First Peoples Scholarship


The NAS First Peoples Scholarship covers the full tuition fees for students entering the BFA program. Two full-tuition scholarships are offered each calendar year for the duration of the degree.


Click here for eligibility criteria


Ernest Heine Family Foundation BFA Scholarship Program


This scholarship program covers the full tuition fees and a stipend for students entering the BFA program. Two scholarships valued at $105,000 each are awarded each calendar year for the duration of the degree.

The Ernest Heine Family Foundation Equity Scholarship is awarded in accordance with specified equity eligibility

The Ernest Heine Family Foundation NSW Regional/Rural Scholarship is awarded as an equity Scholarship to an applicant residing in regional/rural NSW.


Click here for eligibility criteria.

“I am one of the first of my family to go to university and the first person to go to art school. I was nervous to apply for a scholarship, but I felt supported by my family and NAS. My parents were so proud of me when I received the NAS First Peoples Scholarship!”


– Kyiesha Booth, 2023 First Peoples Scholarship Recipient


Key Dates for 2025 admissions


We accept applications for our BFA Scholarships through the UAC Equity Scholarships 

This includes the NAS First Peoples Scholarship and Ernest Heine Family Foundation BFA Scholarship Program. 

  • Applications Open – Wednesday 3 April 2024 
  • Application CloseMonday 16 September 2024 
  • Interviews Monday 28 October & Tuesday 29 October 2024 
  • Offers ReleasedFriday 22 November 2024 


Please note: 

  • Scholarship applicants must participate in the School Recommendations Scheme (SRS) Round or September Round 2 to be eligible for a NAS BFA Scholarship.  

Application Process


  • Apply to the BFA via UAC. See application guide here.
  • Collect required documentation for scholarship application
  • Complete the UAC Equity Scholarship Application. See application guide here.
  • Attend NAS Admissions Interview
  • If shortlisted, attend NAS Scholarship Interview


Interview Process


  • Shortlisted applicants will be considered by the Scholarship interview panel.
  • Panels will include but are not limited to:
    • NAS First Peoples Staff
    • A representative of the EHFF 
    • Senior NAS Faculty
  • The decision of the Selection Committee is final.



Tuition Fee components of the scholarship cannot be utilised for purposes other than tuition fees.

Disbursements for non-tuition fee components of the scholarship such as stipends and materials will be made only by Electronic Funds Transfer in accordance with the payment schedule and cannot be varied in any way.



The continuation of the scholarship throughout the three years of the BFA requires:

  • Recipients to maintain full time enrolment status throughout the degree.
  • Recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progression in each year of the degree with Weighted Average Mark of Credit (65) or above.
  • Failure to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct may result in early termination of the scholarship.


Please contact First People’s Academic Support Officer Akala Newman for any queries on the First People’s Scholarships: [email protected]

Please contact Ashanti Fogden, the Future Students Advisor for any queries on the EHFF Scholarships: [email protected] +61 2 9339 8741



East Sydney Doctors Scholarship

The East Sydney Doctors Scholarship is a generous opportunity funded by East Sydney Doctors, providing $5,000 to a student completing the first year of the Master of Fine Art degree and going into the second year of the program at the National Art School.


Clitheroe Foundation and the Bird Holcomb Foundation Scholarships

The National Art School is proud to have two generous scholarships of $20,000 each to support students studying in the Master of Fine Art Program. Funded by the Clitheroe Foundation and the Bird Holcomb Foundation, these scholarships are open to current Bachelor of Fine Art Students who are immediately applying to continue study at the School in the Master of Fine Art program.


Standish & Co Scholarship

The Standish & Co Scholarship, a newly established opportunity generously funded by Standish & Co, provides $10,000 to a student continuing from the Bachelor of Fine Art Program into the Master of Fine Art program and majoring in Photomedia.