The BFA course is designed to support the development of the creative independence, knowledge and experience required for a successful career as a practicing artist or arts sector professional. The course is delivered full-time over three years and includes a comprehensive investigation of a broad range of art making disciplines supported by rigorous theoretical enquiry.


Drawing and Art History & Theory are delivered as core subjects throughout all three years of the course in addition to specialised studio-based study in Ceramics, Painting, Photomedia, Printmaking and Sculpture.


Our focus on high course contact hours with small class sizes ensures every student receives individual guidance. Their independent exploration of art making is informed by a comprehensive knowledge of the historic and theoretical underpinnings of that practice, as well as the dynamic range of contemporary possibilities for art practice today, informed by Australian First Peoples, national and international perspectives.

Who is this for?

Our Bachelor of Fine Art degree (three years full-time) is designed to impart the skills, knowledge and creative independence required to sustain a professional career as an artist.


NAS has long been recognised for our rigorous studio-based model of learning taught by established practicing artists, as well as our outstanding Art History & Theory faculty.


The BFA comprises three interrelated areas of study: Studio, Drawing, and Art History & Theory. Study and practice in these key subject areas continues throughout the degree.



Students are introduced to a broad range of foundational studio practices spanning the five key studio areas of Ceramics, Painting, Photomedia, Printmaking and Sculpture.

Studio study is augmented with core study in Drawing and Art History & Theory.



Students elect a studio area they will study as an area of specialisation in conjunction with continued core study in both Drawing and Art History & Theory.


Studio specialisations in Ceramics, Painting, Photomedia, Printmaking or Sculpture provides an opportunity for students to engage in exploration of the materials and modalities of art making within these studio areas with increasing depth and complexity, as they develop an increasingly independent approach to art making.



This final year places increasing emphasis on self-directed practice within students’ chosen specialisation, supported by core study in Drawing and Art History & Theory.


Students are assigned individual studio spaces where they are supported to pursue their individual enquiry. To complete their degree all students present a major body of work developed throughout the year for assessment.

Students also undertake a Professional Studies unit to help prepare for life beyond art school. All completing BFA students are included in the annual Graduate Exhibition held in the main NAS Galleries and exhibition spaces and across campus.


In addition to working as artists and curators, our graduates work in the related fields of arts administration, the museums and galleries sector, arts marketing and sales, arts policy and consultancy, and a broad range of technical and arts production roles. Many BFA graduates also use their degree as the basis for entry into specialist postgraduate degrees, and into Visual Art teaching.

Admissions Criteria

Admission to the NAS Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) is dependent on meeting one of the following entry criteria and both additional criteria.


Entry Criteria

  • Completion of a secondary education qualification such as the NSW Higher School Certificate (including national and international equivalents), or approved higher education study, including approved preparation courses.


  • Completion of higher education studies.


  • Completion of TAFE CERT IV in Fine Art or equivalent. Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma may apply for advanced standing into the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Fine Art.

Note: NAS does not use ATAR in its admissions processes.


Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS)

NAS participates in the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) which allows current Year 12 students to receive early offers of admission to the BFA.


SRS applications and offers are also processed through UAC, head to their website for more information.


Additional Criteria

  • All applicants are required to participate in the portfolio assessment and interview with academic staff.
  • English language requirements, where these are not demonstrated by sufficient qualifications taught in English.


Applicants who do not meet the required educational qualifications listed for acceptance into the BFA are encouraged to complete the UAC STAT test or a TAFE Diploma in Fine Art or TAFE matriculation program prior to applying to NAS the following year.

Application Process

Domestic Applicants

All domestic/local applications to the BFA must be lodged with the University Admission Centre (UAC). Please refer to our Application Guidelines & Key Dates  for admission in 2025.

Upon submitting your application to UAC and provided you meet the stated educational requirements for admission, you will be contacted by NAS Student Services at a later date with an invitation to participate in the BFA selection process, comprising of an interview and portfolio presentation. Portfolios are not required for the initial UAC application process, and should instead be presented in hard copy format for discussion at your interview.

International Applicants

International applicants with an International Baccalaureate, or a qualification equivalent to the Australian HSC can apply for the BFA via UAC as well. All other applicants must complete and submit an application form online.

Please refer to out our Key Dates  for admission in 2025.

International applicants will be subject to the same eligibility criteria as local/domestic students and will also be required to attend an interview and portfolio assessment (online options will be available). International students will also be required to meet the English Language requirements. More information can be found in the International Application Guidelines.

Interview and Portfolio

As part of the Application process, those meeting the entry criteria will be invited to an Interview which includes an assessment of your portfolio.


Your Portfolio should consist of:

  • A minimum of 12 recently completed artworks, including at least 2 drawings (of any type and of any stage of completion)
  • Relevant support material such as drawings, maquettes, sketchbooks and visual diaries.


You will also be asked to bring a typed personal statement of 500-1000 words in length, addressing the following points:

  • Why you are interested in studying at NAS
  • What you hope to achieve from studying at NAS
  • Exhibitions you have seen or participated in during the past 12 months
  • Your other cultural interests e.g. films, theatre, music, literature
  • An outline of your current art practice and interests

Acceptance of Offer

To accept an offer, applicants must complete the online acceptance with UAC by the deadline specified in their offer notification.



Deferral is only granted in exceptional circumstances. Applicants should apply for the year in which they intend to study.