NAS Facilities

In keeping with NAS’s focus on hands-on studio-based learning, the campus has a comprehensive range of workshop and studio facilities supported by dedicated technicians that enable essential practical learning across traditional and contemporary art making practices.

Artist Studios

As undergraduate students progress through the Bachelor of Fine Art degree and commence independent projects within their chosen area of studio specialisation, each student is assigned an individual studio space where they can develop their work.

NAS Library

The NAS Library supports the School’s unique curriculum with a carefully curated, highly specialised collection relating to the practice, history and theory of visual art. Scholarly material on art, aesthetics, philosophy and cultural criticism are available, in addition to a large and varied selection of artist monographs, exhibition catalogues and leading national and international arts journals. The Library Stairwell Gallery is attached to the library, where students are encouraged to curate their own shows to exhibit their work, an important opportunity for practical professional experience as an individual and a group.

NAS Galleries

NAS has three professionally run public exhibition spaces including the central NAS Galleries, the Rayner Hoff Project Space and the Drawing Gallery. The NAS Galleries presents up to four major exhibitions each year with ambitious group and solo exhibitions by Australian and international artists that foster critical appreciation of art and innovative art practice. Exhibitions are accompanied by scholarly publications and a dynamic range of public programs that provide a rich context for the interpretation and understanding of art. The Galleries also present professionally curated annual graduate student exhibitions, a major event each year that attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy and purchase student artworks and discover the emerging contemporary artists of the future.


Students from all disciplines have access to the NAS workshop, which is designed to encourage experimentation and broaden knowledge of the variety of tools and processes available to enable their individual art practice.

NAS Print Lab

The Print Lab is a professional digital print facility on campus available to students, alumni and the wider arts community. The Lab provides expert assistance to students for the printing and presentation of their work, including Digital Scanning Workshops.

Parkers Art Supplies

Parkers Art Supplies have a store conveniently located on campus for all art supply needs.